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Advocado's Loyalty CRM Software

is Enterprise SG and Government approved under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) where qualified companies can

claim up to 80% of the cost of the software.

Committed to our brands,
we help them achieve:

Up to 20%
increase in revenue

Up to 38%
increase in returning customers

110+ million
in total revenue

Everything you need for a
robust loyalty program:

Launch within 24 hours

Choose from our powerful loyalty
campaigns today and start engaging your
customers tomorrow!

No cards, no apps

Enrol & instantly reward your
customers with only the mobile
number - in just 15 seconds!

Customise campaigns for
your business goals

Customise campaigns for your business goals -
Collect customer's data, create multi-tier
memberships, give away vouchers during off-peak
time, and do much more, seamlessly!

Continually engage
your customers

Create a 360-degree engagement in-store
and off-store with customer-driven deals.

Automated marketing

Win over competition with the right
offers at the right time: Birthday treats,
membership-ending reminders and
recovery of lost

Real-time reports

Understand customer behaviour and form
insights-driven strategies to boost
revenue & reach business goals.

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